For centuries, artisans around the world have put their hearts and souls into designing and making beautiful, useful items for people to enjoy in their homes and pass onto their children. They carry on that tradition at Crosby & Taylor. All of their products are designed and produced in Eugene, Oregon. They start with a sketch and then develop a mock-up in paper or clay. From there they create an original by cutting, hammering, texturing, bending, welding, or carving. The original is then baked in a pressurized rubber mold. Once it has cooled, channels are cut into the mold. A ladle of molten pewter (at a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit) is poured into the mold while it is spun at high speed in a centrifugal casting machine. Once they have several castings of their original, they make a production mold. This mold may last only a few months or it may last years. When doing the production casting, they remove the newly cast pieces to be sanded and drilled. Each piece is then darkened to highlight the design details and polished to create the unique tone of pewter that collectors love.

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