Everyone knows the therapeutic benefit a hot bath or shower can offer. And with Mealey's selection of bath products, it'll make that next soak in the tub that much more luxurious. Check out what we offer and be sure to stop in the shop for a more extensive selection.

Bath & Shower

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Lavender Flower Soap

Luxurious French triple milled soap.


Sunflower Facial Soap

Made with pure primrose and sunflower oils.


Verbena Flower Soap

Verbena is thought to improve the immune system.


Epona Ulta-Mitt

Bath mitts in assorted colors


Vanilla Oatmilk Soap

Great for soothing dry winter skin.


Soap Dish

This handmade wooden soap dish is ideal for the home sauna.


Kirk's Original Castile Soap

Bar soap made of 100% pure coconut oil.


Epona Scrubby Bath Cloths

Wonderful massaging bath cloths in assorted colors.


Original Finnish Bar Soap

Soap for the sauna, available in lilac, birch or pine scent.


Eggwhite Soap

Eggwhite facial soap with chamomile flowers and lecithin. A facial in every wash.