Tom and Nancy Giusti have been doing Raku Pottery since 1984. As a team, with Nancy's ability to draw and Tom's technical ability to create new shapes for Nancy's wildlife creations, they have created some bright, stunning and refined images to be used on the usually rough and primitive Raku Pottery. They find continuity in the control of the forms with Nancy's drawings and the spontaneity of the glazes reaction in the Raku fire. The copper base glaze is an ever changing contrast surface and it will take on the environment it is exposed to.

Raku was first used by the Japanese back in the early 1500's to be used exclusively for the tea ceremony that is practiced throughout Japan to this day. The word Raku in early times signified "enjoyment of freedom", today with it being made in great numbers at factories and not by individual craftsmen, the word Raku has come to mean "Low-fired ware with lead based glaze". The pottery is more decorative than useful in the long term, as it is quite soft and fragile. Raku fired pottery made by Americans differs from that of Japanese in that our Raku is heated and buried in combustible materials such as sawdust, leaves and newspapers to give greater contrast and bright vibrant colors to the glazed surfaces.

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