Tessoro Jewelry

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Tessoro Turquoise Earrings - #TW9

Genuine turquoise earrings on birch bark with hematite beads.


Tessoro Jasper Earrings - #AW8

Impression Jasper earrings with sterling silver.


Tessoro Birchbark Earrings - #30W

Birch bark earrings made with hematite and sterling silver.


Tessoro Birchbark Necklace - #N18

Unique birch bark jewelry with recycled copper and hematite. Made in Minnesota.


Tessoro Birchbark Necklace - #N21S

Natural birch bark necklace made using green materials and methods.


Tessoro Jasper Necklace - #AN8

Impression jasper stone necklace with natural birch bark and 17" leather cord.


Tessoro Turquoise Necklace - #TN9

Turquoise earrings with hematite beads and sterling silver.

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