Motawi art tiles are among our most popular pottery items here at Mealey's.  Since 1992, the artisans at Motawi Tileworks have hand crafted art tile in their Ann Arbor, Michigan studio. These distinctive tiles are known for their rich glazes and uniquely American designs, inspired by nature, art and architecture. 


Nawal Motawi, founder of Motawi Tileworks, was first exposed to the tile of the Arts & Crafts Movement at Pewabic Pottery, which she visited during her first college ceramics class. In 1992 she set out on her own, starting what soon became the Motawi Tileworks. Her brother, Karim, joined her as a business partner after graduating from college later that year. In the beginning the pair spent many hours researching the ideas, aesthetics and production techniques of the period. Through their interest and continued study they have gained a keen understanding of the work of the Arts & Crafts period.


Whether you want a few unique tiles for a new room in your home or just some pretty display pieces, you can bet you'll find something special from this line.

Motawi Art Tiles

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Pine/Valley Landscape Art Tile

6" x 6" Art tile with pine/valley landscape.


Loon Tile

4" x 8" Loon tile in midnight color.


Black Eyed Susan Tile

This floral design was inspired by a Tiffany lamp. 4"x8"


Winter Cardinals Tile

"Winter Cardinals" is inspired by a print Yamamoto created to be featured in the PBS Series "Craft in America" for the holiday 2015 season.


Motawi "Pine Landscape" Tee

"Pine Landscape" Tee in chocolate brown from Motawi Tileworks. 100% cotton.


Monarch Tile

One of four butterfly styles in the Motawi line. 4"x8"


Grey Marsh Tile

The only Motawi tile featuring black, white and grey polychome.6"x6"


Swallowtail Tile

Nawal Motawi is enchanted with butterflies and the result is a line of four butterfly thiles. This Tiger Swallowtail will brighten any corner.


Martin House Tile

Featuring Frank Lloyd Wright Martin house design. 4"x8"