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Icy Pinecone Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Double Old Fashioned Glass with etched icy pinecones and pine branches-dishwasher safe. Made in USA. Limited quantities available for immediate shipping.


Cabin Incense Burner

Bring the scents of winter indoors!


Crapola! (Cranberry Apple Granola)

All-natural cranberry apple granola. Made by hand right here in Ely!


Fairy Moon Nightlight

Porcelain Lithophane nightlight, artwork designed by David Delamare.


Icy Pinecone Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes with icy pinecones and branches. Dishwasher safe and made in the USA.


Long Grain Wild Rice

100% Natural Long Grain Lake Wild Rice. 3LB bag.


Icy Pinecone Highball Glasses

Highball glass with wonderfully detailed etched pinecones and pine branches. Dishwasher safe and made in the USA. Limited quantities available for immediate shipping.


The Best of Wild Rice Recipes

A recipe book by Beatrice Ojakangas showcasing the best that wild rice has to offer.


The Joy of Blueberries Cookbook

With more than 200 recipes for nature's little blue powerhouse, Theresa Millang creates a must-have item for the berry lover in your family.


Sauna Pillow

A perfect cedar headrest for the sauna - made in Ely, MN!


"How Drunk" Coaster Set

How drunk are you? These glass coasters might help determine just that.


Hummingbird Canning Jar Feeder

Adorable hummingbird feeder crafted with brass and copper.


Set of 4 Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses

My former life was a wine bottle! The glass was designed to remind one of majestic glaciers, while feeling sturdy in your hand. Choose from a set of four in 12 oz. or 16 oz sizes.


Your Lake Cribbage Board

Cribbage board featuring laser etched map of your favorite lake.


Original Buddha Board

You can have hours of fun using only water and your imagination!


Vanilla Oatmilk Soap

Great for soothing dry winter skin.


Lavender Flower Soap

Luxurious French triple milled soap.


Landscape Runner

Beautiful runner based on Motawi Tilework's "Landscape" design.


Sit Chair Pad

Charming chair pad, enjoyed even by people who don't own a Labrador retriever.


Verbena Flower Soap

Verbena is thought to improve the immune system.


School of Fish Cooler Glasses

These adorable school of fish glasses are sure to be a conversation starter!


Eucalyptus Sauna Essence

All-natural eucalyptus sauna oil.


Woodfire Diffuser

Pure oil fragrance diffuser.


The Naked Bee Lotion

Fragrant lotion available in six clean scents.


Ear Candles

Ear Candles by Harmony Cone - helps with common ear discomforts.


Pinecone Chair Pad

Hand hooked whimsey softens even the hardest chair.


Mini Buddha Board

Paint pictures using only water! Portable, reusable, and no mess!


Icy Pinecone Wine Glasses

Detailed icy pinecone wine glasses, available in 12 and 18 oz. Made in USA. Limited quantities available for immediate shipping.

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